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Article April 28, 2023

Enhancing Meditation with Neurofeedback

Innovations in Training the Brain

How can neurofeedback help people tailor their meditation practice to help with their mental health concerns? Read more

Video April 19, 2023

Dr. Mithoefer chats about MDMA and psychedelic therapy, their accessibility challenges, as well as what you can expect from his new online course with... Read more

Article March 1, 2023

Allen Frances, formerly of Duke University, wrote the clinical diagnosis for narcissistic personality disorder that first appeared in the third edition of the... Read more

Article March 1, 2023

Tapering Off Meds

A Holistic Approach

For people who want to taper off psychotropic drugs, nutritional therapies and integrative methods may provide a promising alternative. Read more

Article January 4, 2023

Processing Trauma in a Flash?

A Conversation with Philip Manfield

With roots in the EMDR protocol, the Flash Technique claims to offer a pleasurable path to processing trauma. Read more

Video August 31, 2022

Daniel J. Siegel, New York Times bestselling author and world-renowned neuropsychiatrist, joined us for an Ask Me Anything LIVE virtual event! Read more

Video August 24, 2022

VIDEO: Ask Me Anything with Deb Dana

Developer of Polyvagal Informed Therapy

Networker sits down with Deb Dana to discuss polyvagal theory during a live Ask Me Anything event. Read more

Article May 22, 2022

The Myth of the Individual

Tapping into the Relational Brain

Current research indicates that we’re not walled-in, freestanding individuals. Our human brains—in fact, most mammals’ brains—are built for... Read more

Video April 28, 2022

VIDEO: A Special Invitation

Pat Ogden’s Complex Trauma Master Class

Watch this special invitation to her Networker Master Class, and discover how Sensorimotor Psychotherapy can be woven into interventions you’re already... Read more

Article May 19, 2021

The Anthropocene Dilemma

Can We Save Ourselves from Ecological Despair?

It’s a truism that climate change has become an existential crisis. Can a new book by a Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist help mitigate ecological despair? Read more

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