Professional Development

Building a practice and deepening your profession
Video October 9, 2023

Watch expert, Dr. Jill Stoddard, to discuss this extreme version of self-doubt with Director of Psychotherapy Networker, Zach Taylor. Here, she separates fact... Read more

Article September 28, 2023

One Foot In, One Foot Out

Enhance Clinical Effectiveness and Protect Against Compassion Fatigue

I've learned to not drown in my clients’ sorrow or hopelessness, but rather help them connect with their strengths and options to get the most out of our... Read more

Article September 1, 2023

An Emotionally Focused Path to Healing Trauma

Accessing the Resource of Relationships

Sue Johnson, developer of EFT, argues that because we’re socially bonded beings, trauma is always about relationships—and relationships are key to healing... Read more

Article July 12, 2023

Get advice from a publishing expert on the New Voices Award and how to win a $50,000 book publishing contract. Read more

Article January 30, 2023

Therapists Need Help Too

A Personal Story about the Importance of Self-Care

Why would a therapist need to see a therapist? Dr. JaQuinda Jackson discusses the reasons why mental health clinicians need professional help more than anyone... Read more

Video December 10, 2022

As part of his Secrets of the Masters interview series, Rick Miller talks with Terry Real about his lengthy career in the mental health field and how it all... Read more

Article July 15, 2022

Confessions of a Psychological First Responder

A Different Approach to the Healing Craft

A therapist who also provides psychological first aid after critical incidents opens up about his work and shares why it's been the most challenging—and... Read more

Article March 20, 2022

Humility First

Avoiding Transcultural Overreach

There’s no recipe book when it comes to working with another culture. Read more

Article March 7, 2022

The Power of Humor

Five Ways Therapists Put This “Best Medicine” to Use

Therapy can be serious, but that doesn’t mean that there isn’t room for a joke here and there. Here, clinicians share how they used humor to help clients... Read more

Article March 7, 2022

Where Are You Right Now?

Setting Boundaries in Teletherapy

During the pandemic, many of us have realized how convenient teletherapy can be for us and our clients. But is the flexibility of teletherapy leading to more... Read more

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