TV and Film

Open Book September 1, 2023

Going Public with your Therapist

Reexamining a Compelling Film Through a New Lens

Do Sarah Brady’s allegations about Jonah Hill undermine the implicit message of Stutz, his documentary about therapy? Read more

therapy-beat December 27, 2019

Couples Therapy Goes Public

A New TV Series Pulls Back the Curtain

A bold new TV series captures the raw reality of couples therapy—for both clients and therapists. Read more

Movie Magic

The Search for Transcendence in a Celluloid World

On the handful of channels that constituted the still-primitive medium that was television in the 1950s and early ’60s—before talk shows metastasized... Read more

When TV finally came, in the early '50s, the world it brought into our living rooms was black and white, and dumbed way down. Newsmen now had faces, and, as... Read more

Move Over, Meryl

Kate Winslet Ascends to Center Stage

What separates screen actors who remain enshrined in our memory from those who just momentarily catch our eye? Read more

Tell Me a Story

As Hollywood Goes Postmodern, Has Narrative Become Passé?

If you're like me, you've noticed that movies don't make as much sense as they used to. Nevertheless, I suspect that there's still an audience somewhere out... Read more

More than Just Frivolity

Joel and Ethan Coen Give Us the Antidote to the Happy Ending

The Coen brothers specialize in redefining the rules of whatever movie genre they happen to be subverting. Read more

Darkness and Light

Evoking the Flip Sides of the Hollywood Dream Machine

Two hugely successful films, released on the same weekend this summer, revealed the flip side of the Hollywood experience. Read more

Getting It Right

In HBO's In Treatment, Art Imitates Therapy

The 43-episode HBO series In Treatment held up a mirror to our profession, immersing viewers in the ebb and flow of the psychotherapy process, and revealing... Read more

No Country for Old Men

Indiana Jones and the Temple of Youth

Part of the magic of Hollywood movies is that the larger-than-life heroes and heroines up there on the screen don't age and wither and deteriorate like the... Read more