The Tech-Free Vacation

A Family's Search for Lost Connection

Is there anything trickier for modern-day parents than separating a 13-year-old from an iPhone, even if it’s just for a few days? Read more

The Mental Health Gym

An Interview with Emily Anhalt

Mindfulness apps, thought trackers, CBT courses, and the Uberization of therapy has flooded headlines. But what about psychodynamic or relational approaches... Read more

The Avatar Will See You Now

An Interview on the Virtual Reality, the Metaverse, and Therapy

Networker talks with the co-founders and clinicians of Virgils, a virtual reality platform for therapists and clients. Read more

therapy-beat May 22, 2022

Therapy Meets the Metaverse

A New Approach to Treating Young Clients

A firsthand look at how a new virtual reality program is taking therapy to new places. Read more

therapy-beat December 30, 2020

“Therapy robots” have been touted as an answer to loneliness and a new way to build social skills. But will they change the way therapists work? Read more

Strategies to Cope with Distance Learning

A Systems Approach for Parents and Children
Bahareh Sahebi and Mudita Rastogi

When kids are learning remotely, it can be tough on parents also working from home. Here's how a therapeutic approach that takes into account the larger... Read more

Dealing with Cybertrance Mindfully

Tara Brach Shares a Personal Story

With so much of our lives being conducted in front of screens right now, it can be easy to lose sight of the world around us, and this can make for some tough... Read more

Taking Vagal Virtual

Can Teletherapy Recreate Positive Social Engagement?
Marie-Pierre Cleret

I’ve begun to worry that in our headlong rush to embrace teletherapy, we’re going to train ourselves out of expecting the depth of connection and intimacy... Read more

Playing Together Apart

Figuring Out Teletherapy for Kids

Without a well-researched paradigm for reaching young children who might need teleplay therapy in an uncertain time like this, therapists are forging ahead... Read more

United in Uncertainty

A Technophobic Therapist and Covid-19

A technophobic therapist struggles with a new professional reality. Read more