therapy-beat November 11, 2021

Rage Rooms

Stress Relief’s New Darlings?

Are rage rooms a passing fad? Or a symptom of a larger issue? Read more

Clinician's Quandary November 3, 2020

Helping Parents in Stressful Times

Clinicians Weigh in on Pandemic Parenting
Psychotherapy Networker

A therapist has been working with a parent on implementing a kinder, gentler style of interaction with her boisterous kids, but the coronavirus is creating so... Read more

Linda Graham on Developing Resiliency

How can therapists help clients train their resiliency "muscles"?

In the past, resilience was thought of as an immutable trait: something we're born with that predetermines how well we can tolerate stress. In reality, Linda... Read more

VIDEO: What Polyvagal Theory Tells Us about Managing Stress

The Real-World Applications of Brain Science

The coronavirus pandemic is testing us all. But what do we do when our anxiety, loneliness, or grief gets overwhelming? Therapist and author Deb Dana shares... Read more

Shedding Tears in Video Sessions

Why Have Our Clients Stopped Crying?

I’m not a therapist who judges the value of a session by the presence or absence of tears. But now that we’re a few months into the pandemic and meeting... Read more

Clinician's Quandary May 5, 2020
Psychotherapy Networker

Marcia's therapist has switched to doing teletherapy. But as a single mother of two adolescent girls all quarantining in a small apartment, sessions have... Read more

Clinician's Quandary April 30, 2020

My New Normal, Part 2

Therapeutic Discoveries in the Time of Coronavirus
Psychotherapy Networker

The COVID-19 pandemic has radically shifted how almost every therapist works nowadays, in ways both expected and unexpected. Although we’re all in this... Read more

Symposium Highlight April 29, 2020

The covid-19 pandemic is causing almost everyone anxiety. But for therapy clients who were already anxious, it's making symptoms much worse. Therapist and... Read more

Living Our Lives as Fully as We Can

The Need for Humor and Self-Care

Part of our lives is being a therapist, but it's not the whole thing. Now and looking beyond coronavirus times, how do we make sure we're doing the things we... Read more

Compassion During Quarantine

A Simple Practice for Our Clients and Ourselves

I particularly like the suggestion to use the time we spend washing our hands during this pandemic to build up mindful compassion in ourselves. So, rather than... Read more