Leaving A High Demand, High Control Religion

What Is a Therapist’s Role?

Therapists are well equipped to support clients ending unhealthy relationships, but what about the clients looking to end a relationship with an... Read more

Bringing Dreams into the Consulting Room

Helping Clients Awaken More Fully to the Life Around Them
Richard Handler

By Richard Handler - Throughout history, humans have tried to make sense of the baffling, nonlinear fleetingness of dreams. In A History of Last Night's... Read more

How Psychotherapy Lost Its Magick

The Art of Healing in an Age of Science

Studies show more people pay for the services of advisors claiming special powers than see mental health practitioners. How can mentalists and mediums be... Read more

point-view May 9, 2016

The Five Love Languages

Translating Intention into Connection

An interview with the author of The 5 Love Languages, a book that's sold over 8 million copies, explains its remarkable success. Read more

point-view July 1, 2013

Talking with God

Religion as a Therapeutic Experience

Anthropologist and author Tanya Luhrmann explains how many evangelicals experience the kind of support in their connection with God that others find in their... Read more

Family Matters September 1, 2011

The White Tuxedo

Saturday Night Fever Comes to the Bar Mitzvah

Saturday Night Fever comes to the bar mitzvah. Read more

Family Matters January 1, 2011

Coming Full Circle

Learning to Choose Where You Look

Understanding your place in the great circle of life is often a matter of where you choose to look. Read more

Open Book March 1, 2010

Glorious Food

Ambivalence and Guilt Take Up a Lot of Space at Today's Dinner Tables

Never before has the simple act of eating been so fraught with ethical, spiritual, and psychological issues. Read more

Open Book November 1, 2009

How's God Doing?

Despite today's headlines, much better than you think

Despite all the evidence to the contrary, a new book argues that God, or at least our concept of deity, is getting more compassionate and inclusive. Read more

Mark I. Sirkin

From the July/August 1994 issue THE PHRASE, “THE MELTING POT” ORIGINALLY CAME FROM THE title of a popular turn-of-the-century play that ended... Read more