The Fear of Exposure Therapy

Reframing Our Approach

Our willingness to face shared existential struggles right alongside our clients can make exposure therapy not only tolerable, but transformative. Read more

Building Distress Tolerance

Strategies for Working with Clients with OCD

Encouraging anxious clients to face their fears is widely accepted as the gold-standard approach for treating anxiety-related disorders, including OCD. But a... Read more

Clinician's Quandary February 17, 2022

Andrew has started showing symptoms of OCD. He’s struggled with anxiety for a while, but the pandemic seems to have been a tipping point for him. His... Read more

Confessions of a Racing Mind

My Silent Battle with OCD

A clinician with OCD stands up to stigma. Read more

I know this experience will give me more knowledge to help others—that’s how I have to reframe it. As I’ve recovered, I’ve felt how strong and... Read more

A Field Day for OCD?

Helping Kids Stay Grounded

In this genuinely hazardous COVID-19 environment, how can therapists help kids and families reject their OCD safety rituals? Read more

The Reassurance Trap

Living with Uncertainly

We can’t guarantee certainty about anything, really. But some of us become haunted by needing to know for sure. We call this unrelenting need the Reassurance... Read more

Clinician's Quandary December 7, 2019
Psychotherapy Networker

A client sees his perfectionism as an advantage, even though it ramps up his anxiety, exacerbates his sense of shame, and keeps him living a very rigid life... Read more

The 6 Most-Read Networker Articles of 2016

A Look Back at This Year's Popular Reads, Chosen by You

By Chris Lyford - As 2017 approaches, we're taking stock of the past year. Join us in looking back at the most-read online Networker articles of 2016, chosen... Read more

Upside-Down Psychotherapy

Breaking the Rules with Our OCD Clients

It’s now clear that much of what therapists do for people suffering from OCD actually worsens the problem. Providing empathic reassurance, rational... Read more