VIDEO: What Keeps Clients Coming Back?

The Power of Transparency

In today’s Information Age, therapy clients are more informed—and have greater expectations up front—when it comes to the look and feel of therapy... Read more

Symposium Highlight May 21, 2019

VIDEO: What Therapy and Surgery Have in Common

Crafting the Right Language for the Right Outcome

What’s the best way to open and close therapy? It’s a question with many answers, but depending on your client, a particular... Read more

Symposium Highlight April 17, 2019

VIDEO: Therapists Getting Real and Going Public

The Power of Transparency in the New Marketing Landscape

How can therapists reduce stigma around getting mental health treatment? When it comes to marketing your practice, how much personal information should you be... Read more

consultation January 18, 2016

The Art of Presenting

Understanding What Your Audience Needs

Some tips on the do’s and don’ts of giving a good workshop. Read more

VIDEO: Four Steps To Get Potential Clients To Contact You Now

Joe Bavonese on how to make your website a magnet for new clients

What if you could immediately to make your website more compelling and more effective in helping potential clients connect with you? Joe Bavonese, marketing... Read more

VIDEO: The Rewards of More Direct Contact with Potential Clients

Lynn Grodzki On An Opportunity Presented From Tough Times

In this quick clip, Lynn Grodski invites us to think entrepreneurially about how to make the most of just one of the new opportunities she sees in today’s... Read more

consultation May 1, 2012

The SoLoMo revolution is transforming the way therapists can generate client referrals on the Internet. Read more

Allying with the Internet

The Best Clinical Resources on the Web

A guide to the wealth of websites and message boards that can be useful to clients and therapists alike. Read more

The New Technologies of Change

21st Century Tools are Transforming Therapeutic Practice

Advances in technology are challenging the idea that therapy must revolve around the traditional, face-to-face clinical encounter. Read more

Extending The Conversation

How to Use Social Media to Enhance Your Practice
Marina London

When it comes to the business of therapeutic practice, most practitioners have a lot to learn about how to use the new social media effectively. Read more