Internal Family Systems

"Networker Live" with Frank Anderson

Parenting During a Pandemic

The Networker's senior writer, Lauren Dockett, sat down for a live conversation and Q&A with psychiatrist, therapist, and program consultant at the IFS... Read more

Families Under Pressure

Helping Relieve Today’s Parents & Kids

The pandemic has created an emotional petri dish for kids and parents who are stuck in place, terribly stressed, and feeling alone. How are families supposed... Read more

IFS and Chronic Pain

Listening to Inner Parts that Hold the Hurt

If most chronic pain is maintained by complex mind–body interactions, how can therapists help treat it? Read more

Working With Internalized Racism

From Shame to Unburdening with IFS

While the Black Lives Matter movement has increased the country’s understanding of the pernicious impact of racism, how do people actually do the internal... Read more

The Viral Wake-up Call

Questioning Core Beliefs

Amid the pandemic, the pain and vulnerability of the majority of Americans, who live on the financial edge and can’t afford a crisis like this, are glaringly... Read more

VIDEO: The Self-Compassion Approach to Trauma Treatment

Creative Strategies That Dig Deeper

It’s important to honor all of your client’s inner parts in therapy. But accessing them to fully engage in healing work isn’t always easy. Here, trauma... Read more

Symposium Highlight December 11, 2019

VIDEO: Richard Schwartz on Healing Our Wounded Inner Parts

The Originator of IFS on Helping Clients Awaken Self-Healing

Internal Family Systems (IFS) has allowed therapists to awaken the capacity for deep self-healing within even their most troubled clients. In this video clip... Read more

VIDEO: How Symptoms Reveal the Path to Growth

IFS Developer Richard Schwartz on Befriending the Inner "Protector"

Often, our attitudes toward anxiety symptoms are misguided, says Richard Schwartz, the originator of Internal Family Systems. By understanding responses... Read more

Symposium Highlight September 6, 2017

VIDEO: Richard Schwartz on Being a Compassionate Witness to Yourself

How Internal Family Systems Gives Traumatized Clients Their Power Back

According to Richard Schwartz, the originator of Internal Family Systems therapy, the natural state of the mind is to be subdivided into parts, which carry the... Read more

Facing Our Dark Side

Some Forms of Self-Compassion Are Harder than Others

Achieving a genuine state of self-compassion is a more challenging undertaking than many realize. Far from a little feel-better incantation you offer yourself... Read more