Family Matters September 14, 2022

Unhappy Campers

When a Guys’ Weekend Goes South

A nightmare camping trip exposes the limits—and possibilities—of male bonding. Read more

Family Matters July 6, 2018

One Enchanted Evening

Some Shocking News Brings Back Tender Memories

Some shocking news brings back some tender memories. Read more

Family Matters March 7, 2014

Reading the Lake

After 30 Years, a Sanctuary is Threatened

Our heads may tell us that we need to embrace inevitable changes as we grow older, but our hearts often tell a different story. Read more

Family Matters July 1, 2012

Mozart Redux

Not All Families are Related by Blood

Not all families are related by blood. Read more

consultation September 1, 2009

Beyond Right and Wrong

Teaching Couples How To Embrace Fair-Mindedness
B. Janet Hibbs

What do issues of fairness and relational justice have to do with psychotherapy? Read more

The Gift of Friendship

Bringing an Invaluable Resource into the Therapy Room

We're pairing up later, splitting up faster, remarrying less often and increasingly deciding to avoid the whole quagmire by staying permanently single. In... Read more

What does account for a goodly chunk of the positive change that clients experience from therapy, the outcome research shows, is the time-honored therapeutic... Read more