Join Christine Mark-Griffin, EMDRIA-certified therapist, and author of EMDR Workbook for Kids, along with Networker’s Clinical Director, Anna Lock, as they... Read more

Processing Trauma in a Flash?

A Conversation with Philip Manfield

With roots in the EMDR protocol, the Flash Technique claims to offer a pleasurable path to processing trauma. Read more

Relational EMDR Therapy

Showing Up for Our Clients

Being an expert in your method is only part of the work. Sometimes our clients need us to go beyond administering a protocol. Read more

Case Study September 15, 2021

Doing Our Own Work Differently

An EMDR Portal to Our Clients’ Healing

How stepping outside our comfort zone when doing our own work can change therapy for our clients. Read more

A Need for Speed?

How Therapists Can Meet a Growing Demand

The push in popular culture to raise awareness about mental health means more and more people are seeking help. With resources limited, often where they’re... Read more

In Search of New Ideas

My Evolution as a Therapist

A therapist reflects on a key lesson from his long career: clients don’t necessarily need new answers to their questions—they need new questions. Read more

Outside the Box

Bringing Families into Trauma Treatment

If we don’t open up the one-on-one therapeutic cloister, trauma sufferers may never learn how to engage in the give and take of real-life relationships. By... Read more

Putting the Pieces Together

25 Years of Learning Trauma Treatment

Twenty-five years ago, we believed that helping trauma survivors dig into dark and unspeakable horrors would set them free. But in this new age of trauma... Read more