Death & Dying

Death and a Lifelong Love

Bracing for a Future without Marilyn

A psychotherapy icon grapples with the imminent death of his wife as she moves from palliative care to hospice care. Read more

Debunking Myths About Aging

The Benefits of Therapy for Older Adults

Some older people sink into states of depression, apathy, or agitated irritability, but emotional distress in this population is too often seen as part of an... Read more

Shattered by Suicide

Helping Families in the Aftermath

Suicide isn't simply the tragedy of someone taking their own life: it's also the long, excruciating nightmare of being left behind. Read more

consultation March 22, 2022

Unshed Tears

Helping Kids Work through Unresolved Grief

Many of the ways that children grieve differently from adults can go unrecognized and unprocessed. Read more

Clinician's Quandary March 7, 2022

Is There Meaning in Loss? (Part 2)

Four More Therapists Weigh In

Our last Clinician’s Quandary on helping clients—and ourselves—navigate grief work received an overwhelming number of responses. So many, in fact, that... Read more

Open Book December 27, 2019

Out of Sight

Are Prisons Modern-Day Asylums?

Author Kenneth Paul Rosenberg explores the catastrophic inadequacies of our mental healthcare system that have led to “the greatest social crisis of our... Read more

point-view July 3, 2019

Terminal Illness and the Choice to Die

What's the Therapist's Role?

A number of states have passed legislation giving terminal patients the option of medical aid in dying. What therapists need to know about helping patients and... Read more

Welcome to Holland

When Life Takes a Detour

What do you do when your life’s expectations get turned upside down? Read more

Dying Well

Humanizing Our Overmedicalized System

Hospital protocols have replaced the time-honored customs that once enabled the dying to be lead actors in their life’s final drama. Why do we spend so much... Read more

Remembering Catherine

Coming to Terms with a Client’s Murder

Over the course of my career, numerous world events have entered my office. But none of them prepared me for grieving the murder of Catherine, my client of 15... Read more