Client Relationship

Weighing Your Clients’ Needs Against Your Own

The Ethics of Handling Your Personal Crisis

What are the ethics of carrying on with your regular practice when dealing with an ongoing personal crisis or medical emergency? Read more

Preparing for the End of Therapy

A Walk into the Unknown

Regardless of your expertise or advanced degree, client terminations can derail you at any time. So why don't we do a better job of planning for them? Read more

Clinician's Quandary December 8, 2022

One Foot Out the Door

Six Ways to Address Impending Premature Endings

Ending therapy is tough. But a client leaning out of therapy midway through treatment? That’s a whole other pill to swallow. Here, six therapists share how... Read more

consultation November 29, 2022

Reducing Client Dropout

What Makes a Difference?
Bernard Schwartz

How to build a therapeutic relationship from the first session that keeps clients coming back. Read more

Debunking Myths About Aging

The Benefits of Therapy for Older Adults

Some older people sink into states of depression, apathy, or agitated irritability, but emotional distress in this population is too often seen as part of an... Read more

Clinician's Quandary July 27, 2022

The Narcissistic Client

Four Ways to Break Through

Whether it's vanity, a failure to take constructive criticism, mistreating family and friends, or lacking empathy for others, clients with narcissistic traits... Read more

The Inheritance of Loss

A Therapist and Client Grieve Together

While grief can be a familiar creature that lives inside us, we often treat it as a stranger Read more

The Playful Therapist

7 Clinicians Share Their Best Strategies

In this collection, master therapists share how they’ve used humor in ways that both enliven and enrich the work of therapy. Read more

When Therapists Encourage Family Cutoffs

Are We Helping or Harming?

Today’s culture of therapy both reflects and contributes to our nation’s ever-growing embrace of individualism—for better and, sometimes, for worse. Read more

Clinician's Quandary July 29, 2021

Close to Home

When the Problem You Treat Becomes Your Problem Too

A couples therapist is going through an emotionally wrenching separation from their partner and finding it hard to treat clients. Five clinicians offer advice. Read more