Seeking the Autism Diagnosis

The Current Quest for Identity and Community
Rachael Goren

Increasing numbers of young people are wanting the validation of an autism diagnosis, even when assessments reveal they don’t meet the criteria. Read more

Family Matters July 13, 2022

The weight of whether to put a child in a group home. Read more

Free Play with Neurodivergent Kids

Insights from DIRFloortime

Is there an alternative to applied behavioral analysis for children on the spectrum? Read more

therapy-beat March 22, 2022

Agitated Kids, Dangerous Punishment

Rethinking the Policy of Seclusion and Restraint

Seclusion and restraint is a rare but extreme response to students deemed unruly. One parent, backed by some clinical allies, is drawing attention to its... Read more

Case Study March 5, 2020

Breaking the Silence

Facilitated Communication with Nonverbal Autism

A controversial method makes talk therapy possible for people who don’t talk. Read more

The Wonder of an Unexpected Alliance

A Therapist's Surprise Connection with Her Client

By Christina Emanuel - Ryan’s reputation arrived before he did: brilliant, oppositional, angry, a general pain in the butt, and autistic. Over the years, he... Read more

Family Matters June 30, 2016

Kendall’s Prom

A Special Daughter’s Special Night

An young woman with autism celebrates a very special night. Read more

point-view November 18, 2015

Destigmatizing Autism

The Future of Neurodiversity

Author Steve Silberman discusses what it means to view autistic people as individuals seeing the world in a different way, rather than just a checklist of... Read more

Putting Clients with Asperger's Syndrome on the Path to Success

How Adding Brain Science to Therapy Normalizes Living with Asperger's

Adults with Asperger's syndrome often behave as if they were confused actors walking onto a stage and being the only ones who don't know the lines or the plot... Read more

VIDEO: DSM-5 and the Elimination of Disorders

Martha Teater on the Removal of Asperger's from DSM-5

Asperger’s no longer exists—at least not in the DSM-5. And there are other changes, like the omission of sexual addiction, that many therapists are... Read more