Art Therapy

consultation November 11, 2021

Healing Beyond Words

How to Bring Art into Therapy

Integrating art therapy tools into your practice doesn’t have to be complicated, nor does it require artistic skill from you or your client. Read more

This week, the Networker's assistant editor, Chris Lyford, sat down for a live conversation and Q&A with hip hop artist and therapist, J.C. Hall. Read more

Case Study May 19, 2021

Evoking the Inner Artist: May/June 2021

How to Replace Discomfort with Creativity

Vulnerability, doubt, fear, and uncertainty—feelings most people try to avoid—are essential to cultivating creativity. Read more

Hip Hop Therapy

The Healing Power of Giving Kids the Mic

The process of creating beats and lyrics is rooted in therapeutic practices. At one South Bronx high school, a school social worker has traded the therapy room... Read more

Kindling the Spark

The Healing Power of Expressive Arts

Aliveness is not an experience we think or talk ourselves into; it’s a state of being we feel in our bodies. An expressive arts therapist shows how... Read more

Depression Is Not A Disease; It’s A Wake-Up Call

A Conversation with Dr. James Gordon

James Gordon shares a technique he uses with clients to help them get out of hopeless thought patterns. Read more