Anxiety & Depression

A Therapist Takes Ketamine

A Firsthand Account of a New Kind of Healing Journey
Moksha Donohue

After this experience, I knew I needed to share what I’d learned with my clients, and soon afterward decided to get training to become a ketamine-assisted... Read more

The Postpartum Experience

What Therapists Need to Know

Many therapists don't realize that treating depression or anxiety generally isn't the same as treating these mood disorders in the perinatal period. Read more

In this Networker Live event, editor in chief Livia Kent talks with author Lynn Lyons, LICSW, about anxiety and families. Read more

Moving Through Grief Using Emotionally Focused Therapy

A Conversation with Leanne Campbell

Based on her article in our July/August issue, EFT trainer Leanne Campbell talks about how to handle grief. Read more

The Fear of Exposure Therapy

An Interview with Jelena Kecmanovic

In this Networker Live event, editor in chief Livia Kent speaks with Dr. Jelena Kecmanovic about her recent article in Psychotherapy Networker on exposure... Read more

point-view September 14, 2022

Confronting the Climate Crisis

Helping Clients Face Uncertainty and Fear

Psychologist Elizabeth Allured is helping therapists and their clients contend with anxieties about the world’s climate crisis. Read more

therapy-beat September 14, 2022

The Ideation Factor

Changing How We Think about Youth Suicide

Suicidal ideation among teens is overlooked, understudied, and sometimes even willfully ignored. Read more

Cultivating Positive Age Beliefs

The Impact of Ageism on Our Bodies and Minds

Yale researcher Becca Levy discusses how our beliefs about aging affect our wellbeing, regardless of age. Read more

When senseless tragedy turns a child's world upside down, parents are looking for mental health support for the whole family. Read more

point-view July 14, 2022

Author Karen Kleiman argues that postpartum distress is normal—and should be normalized more in our society. Read more