When ADHD Does the Parenting

Putting Adults Back in the Driver’s Seat

Parenting with untreated adult ADHD poses inherent difficulties for the entire family. Read more

point-view March 5, 2020

Depathologizing ADHD

A VAST Difference

Rather than a curse, Ned Hallowell believes an ADHD diagnosis can be a blessing. Read more

consultation March 1, 2011

Hidden in Plain Sight

Adult AD/HD is Too Often Unrecognized
Gina Pera

Adult ADHD too often goes unrecognized. Read more

A Quiet Revolution

Therapists Are Learning a New Way to Be With Their Clients

If you're a therapist these days, it's hard to open a publication—or your mailbox—without hearing about mindfulness. Are the Eastern wisdom traditions... Read more

Bitter Pill

Ritalin and the Growing Influence of Big Pharma

Researchers and practitioners alike have long been concerned that Ritalin use in childhood could lead to later drug abuse. But when a University of California... Read more