Payment and Payment Options FAQs

Which forms of payment are accepted?

You can register or order products online (a secure site) or by telephone with a credit card. You may also register by mail or fax (check, PO, credit card). Please include a completed order form.

Does Psychotherapy Networker accept purchase orders?

Yes; purchase orders are welcome. You can mail, fax, or email a signed purchase order with a completed order form.

My company is tax-exempt. How can I get sales tax waived?

We must have a copy of your company’s tax exemption certificate on file in order to waive sales tax. Please enclose it with your order form, or email it to after you complete your order online. Valid only on registrations/orders where a company is named as the bill-to.

How do I redeem a PESI or Psychotherapy Networker gift card?

Gift cards can be redeemed in our online catalog, or by calling customer service at: (888) 851-9498.

Does Psychotherapy Networker have discounts or scholarships?

We’re sorry, but Psychotherapy Networker does not have discounts or scholarships available.