September/October 2021 cover

Who Heals the Healers?

How Our Struggles Shape Our Practice

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Editor's Note

Livia Kent

As the culture’s sanctioned authorities on mental health, therapists are still widely expected to... Read more

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When Therapists Struggle with Suicidality

Releasing Ourselves from Stigma and Shame

Many therapists wrestle with the same problems we help our clients tame. But the myth that therapists are masters of their own mental health makes it... Read more

Borrowed Tears

A Therapist Reclaims His Buried Past—and Upends His Practice

When a therapist finally confronts his tendency to dissociate, his work takes a life-changing turn. Read more

Helper Syndrome

When Are We Enough?

Is the problem of compassion fatigue that we get tired of being compassionate toward others—or that we aren’t being compassionate toward ourselves? Read more

Vulnerable Together

Therapists Share Their Own Mental Health Struggles

Despite our best intentions, sometimes our problems grow so big that they slam into our work—and the result can be surprising. Read more

Confessions of a Racing Mind

My Silent Battle with OCD

A clinician with OCD stands up to stigma. Read more

First, Make the Bed

A Gentle Path through Depression

In the throes of depression, a therapist searches for a magic bullet. Read more

The Ambivalence Trap

Liberating Ourselves from the Pursuit of Perfection

A psychiatrist questions taking her own medicine. Read more

Extra Feature

Love After Lockdown

What Follows Togetherness Overload

For some couples, staying home together during COVID improved their sex lives. But many have reported the opposite experience. Now that re-entry is here, what... Read more


Surrogate Partner Therapy

Crossing Lines or Expanding Boundaries?

Doing Our Own Work Differently

An EMDR Portal to Our Clients’ Healing

Unhealed Bodies

Looking at Ancestral Trauma

The Plasticity of Personality

Can We Switch Our Stripes?