September/October 2017 Issue Cover

The Future of Couplehood

Esther Perel Is Expanding the Conversation

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Editor's Note

Rich Simon

This issue doesn’t try to resolve all the myriad challenges of couples work. Instead, it opens up... Read more

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Everywhere at Once

Esther Perel Is Becoming Therapy's Most Visible Presence

By questioning some of the fundamental premises of traditional marriage, couples therapist Esther Perel has become, at least for the moment, psychotherapy’s... Read more

Esther Perel traces the development of her approach and the wider response to her ideas about sexuality and intimacy. Read more

The Long Shadow of Patriarchy

Couples Therapy in the Age of Trump

The election of Donald Trump and the resurgence of populism throughout the West were fueled by a renewed pull toward certain notions of traditional... Read more

The Science of Togetherness

Making Couples Therapy More Effective

Despite all the intellectual excitement it generated, the hard truth is that, so far, the systems revolution hasn’t led to very effective ways of doing... Read more

Extra Feature

Daring to Play

The Challenge of Embracing Our Youngest Clients

Although they make up nearly a quarter of the population, children are rarely a central part of therapists’ practices. Why? The most effective interventions... Read more


Got Game?

How I Transitioned My Practice to Sport Psychology

From Tough Love to Empathic Love

Teaching Parents to Earn Their Children’s Respect

How to Change Minds

Reasoning Will Get You Nowhere

A Squeeze of the Hand

What Does a Son Owe His Mother?