September/October 2012

The Craft of Conversation

Would You Open Up to This Therapist?

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Editor's Note

Rich Simon

Even though talking and listening to people may come naturally to most therapists (if not, we’re... Read more

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One Brick at a Time

Therapy is More Craft Than Art or Science

In this era of medical necessity and evidence-based therapies, it’s easy to lose sight of a basic truth. We heal not through prescriptions and procedures... Read more

How Conversation Sparks Therapeutic Change

The Search for the Unspoken Self

When we trust in ourselves to follow the signals of life that the patient emits in seemingly casual conversation, we increase chances of stepping outside the... Read more

Why Teens Hate Therapy

Mistakes Therapists Should Avoid

It’s probably fair to say that most teens loathe the very idea of therapy. Yet, with confused and troubled adolescents needing our help more than ever, the... Read more

Extra Feature

Visions Of A Sustainable Planet

We Need to Expand Our Moral Imagination

We live in a culture of denial, especially about the grim reality of climate change. Sure, we want to savor the occasional shrimp cocktail without having to... Read more

The Truth About Bullying

How therapists can help harassed kids

Psyche and Soma

How Our Bodies Reveal Our Inner Experience

Bookmarks: Creatures of Habit

Understanding the automatic loops that shape our lives

Isle of Dreams

Searching for a lost self in the Ould Sod