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Listening to Women

New Voices, New Solutions

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Editor's Note

Livia Kent

Many sociologists are calling it “the female happiness paradox,” arguing that greater... Read more

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Fair Play at Home

Are Women Still Carrying the Heavier Load?

Eve Rodsky is on a mission: to rebalance the "mental load" that many women still unfairly shoulder in domestic life, affecting their physical health... Read more

Daring to Dance

How Can We Help Women Take Pleasure?

Pleasure-taking connects women to their bodies, roots them in the present, and fosters resilience. What could be blocking today's women from such a seemingly... Read more

Embracing Gender-Pleasure

How to Feel Yummy in Our Bodies

For trans folks, attuning to gender-pleasure allows them to resist harmful cultural scripts—but it can be a radical act of resistance for cis folks too. Read more

Supporting Women's Voices

Carol Gilligan on Today's Patriarchy

More than 50 years after feminist psychologist Carol Gilligan's pivotal study on how women think about the choices in their lives, she speaks up about our... Read more

Taking the Podium

The Growing Influence of Women in Psychotherapy

Despite an increasing diversity in race and ethnicity, the psychotherapy field is primarily filled with women—a reversal that's taken place over the last 50... Read more

The Postpartum Experience

What Therapists Need to Know

Many therapists don't realize that treating depression or anxiety generally isn't the same as treating these mood disorders in the perinatal period. Read more

Love Is An Action Verb

The Body Work of Mothering
Angela Garbes

Before we learn verbal language, we communicate through our bodies, making mothering a physical act of love. Read more

Extra Feature

Symposium Highlight November 29, 2022

The Couple Who Changed Me

Help Can Come from Unexpected Sources

The strongest couples are the ones who are open to help—the ones who can surround themselves with allies, inviting others into the trenches with them. Read more


Reducing Client Dropout

What Makes a Difference?
Bernard Schwartz

Helping Couples on the Brink

How Validating Ambivalence Can Foster Hope

Rethinking PTSD

How Should We Be Defining Trauma?

Is Our Culture Making Us Sick?

Gabor Maté on Stress and Disease

Love Scrabble

An Evening with My Wife's Boyfriend
Practice Tools November 30, 2022

Practice Tools: November/December 2022

The best from across the field of psychotherapy . . . on us!

Practice Tools for the November/December 2022 issue are courtesy of Eve Rodsky and Fair Play. Read more