November/December 2020 Cover

Unmasking Teletherapy

Temporary Expediency or New Normal?

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Editor's Note

Rich Simon

The overwhelming shift to teletherapy this year represents the first wave of a sea change in the... Read more

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Trauma and Teletherapy

Discerning Our Clients’ Needs

For some clients, the transition to online therapy has worked perfectly well—or well enough. But for clients who suffer from severe trauma and deep... Read more

The Surprising Intimacy of Phone Sessions

Turning off the Camera, Turning on the Connection

Some clients and therapists strongly prefer the old-fashioned phone to video sessions. What’s so transformative about turning off the camera? Read more

Going Virtual with Couples

From Skeptic to Believer

Online couples therapy can be tough, especially with a high-stakes case. The developer of Emotionally Focused Therapy dives into the deep end with a couple... Read more


How Teletherapy Changed My Life and My Practice

The pandemic has showed us just how much our clients need us—and how much we need to tend to ourselves. For some therapists, this has meant reimagining their... Read more

Reaching Out in Nervous Times

Polyvagal Theory Encounters Teletherapy

Connecting with clients on a nervous-system level is especially important to therapists working from a polyvagal framework. But is it possible to offer... Read more

Extra Feature

The Outcast

A Hard Road to an Unexpected Connection

How do you work with a client who intentionally tries to break every rule of therapy, spoken and implicit? Read more


Money Matters

Getting Clear with Ourselves and Our Clients

A New Family Narrative

Transforming Intergenerational Trauma

The Narcissism Trap

Navigating High-Conflict Personality Styles

Toxic Entwinement

The Roots of American Racism

The Unbearable Heaviness of Being

Learning to Celebrate a New Shape