November/December 2019 Cover

Thinking Inside the Box

What Is Your Office Telling Your Clients?

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Editor's Note

Rich Simon

Many of us overlook our physical environments, and perhaps especially our work spaces, which may be... Read more

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In Search of the Perfect Office

A Therapist Moves On Up

Our offices don’t make people well, but they extend an invitation. They provide a comforting consistency in the midst of hard, often unsettling work. So a... Read more

The therapeutic benefits of turning an office makeover into a collaborative project. Read more

Inner Sanctums

A Glimpse into Healing Spaces
Sebastian Zimmermann

What do therapists consider when first setting up an office? These intimate portraits and interviews reveal a wide range of approaches at play. Read more

Walk and Talk

Psychotherapy Takes a Stroll

What if a park bench was your waiting room, and nature your co-therapist? A growing group of practitioners, who stroll with their clients not just every once... Read more

Through the Bagua

Looking at Your Office in a New Way
Katherine Morris

Feng shui’s core concern is to put humans in harmony with their physical environment. What can therapists learn from this ancient practice about the... Read more

Changing Places

When a therapist moves offices after 30 years, a lot of emotional issues get stirred up.

When a therapist moves offices after 30 years, a lot of emotional issues get stirred up. Read more

Extra Feature

Remembering the Gold

How to Release Negative Self-Beliefs

Trying to release our negative self-beliefs can feel as if we’re trying to exorcise something buried deep inside our body. And in a way we are. Read more


ABCs of Mindfulness

Helping Children Manage Stress

Bowing Out

The Dilemma of Uncoupling

Research or Reality?

The Flawed Science of Psychotherapy

The Myth of the Gendered Brain

What the Latest Science Tells Us

The Family Album

Growing Up in the Shadow of Depression