November/December 2018 cover

A New Generation of Clients

Is Therapy Keeping Pace?

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Editor's Note

Rich Simon

Here, we focus on today’s young adults (many of whom bristle at the label millennials). Not only... Read more

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The Millennial Effect

How Young Clients Are Leading Therapists to New Places

As they’re about to surpass baby boomers as the largest generation, millennials are coming to dominate the population of therapy consumers. But their impact... Read more

After careful review of the usual stereotypes—technologically adroit, social media fixated, with a touch of narcissism—one 30-something therapist belatedly... Read more

Bumps in the Road

Accompanying Young Clients Through Life’s Transitions

Many young people transitioning into the uncertainties of adulthood today are feeling more scared and alone than ever. One therapist has discovered that a key... Read more

Listening to the Next Generation

Are We Hearing What They Have to Say?

Admitting her bafflement with some of her millennial clients, a veteran therapist accepts her ignorance and gets advice from some of the young people in her... Read more

The Secret of Getting Through

A Profile of an Impressively Unimpressive Therapist

A quick glance a therapist whose young clients rave about her. Read more

Extra Feature

The Man Who Became an Adjective

No One Writes about Psychology Like Malcolm Gladwell

No one writes about psychology with more irresistible readability—and book sales—than 2019 Symposium featured speaker Malcolm Gladwell. Read more


Health Comes in All Sizes

The HAES Approach to Countering Weight Stigma

“Nobody Knows!”

Helping Introverts Appreciate Their Strengths

Resisting Matrimania

A Conversation with Bella DePaulo

Generations in Jail

When Crime Is a Family Value

The Inheritance

A Father Passes on a Complicated Legacy