November/December 2014 cover

Depression Unmasked

Exposing a Hidden Epidemic

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Editor's Note

Rich Simon

Do therapists have a responsibility to educate people about society's role in generating... Read more

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The Depression Epidemic

Can Mood Science Save Us?

It’s time to get beyond simplistic notions about “chemical imbalances” and finally reckon with how deeply rooted depression is in the uncertainties and... Read more

A Brief History of Anxiety

The Invention of a Modern Malaise

Life today is, in many ways, easier than it used to be. Therefore, shouldn’t we be less anxious than we once were? Read more

Out of the Tunnel

Escaping the Trance of Depression

Depressed clients repeat the same thoughts, activities, feelings, and experiences again and again, as if entranced. Good depression treatment is largely about... Read more

Cure or Control?

Depression as a Chronic Condition

Evidence continues to accumulate that many people with depression suffer bouts of it all their lives, even after a good response to therapy. So what if we give... Read more

The CBT Path Out of Depression

Two Perspectives on How It Works

While widely acknowledged to be the most empirically supported therapy ever invented, cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) is often criticized for being too... Read more

The Power of Small Changes

A Step-by-Step Approach to Treating Depression: An Interview with Judith Beck

Relapse prevention begins in the first session, when we tell clients that we want to help them become their own therapists. Read more

The Power of How

Helping Depressed Clients Make Better Choices: An Interview with Michael Yapko

One of the most useful ways of understanding depression is the stress generation model, based on the idea that depressed people need better skills and... Read more


Get Out of My Life!

Working with Cut-off Family Members in the Consulting Room

The Malleability of Memory

Putting Psychotherapy on the Witness Stand

Face to Face

Virtual reality is no substitute for the real deal

Rocking On!

From grief to rebirth