May/June 2014 Cover

Treating Trauma

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Editor's Note

Rich Simon

No other single condition tests the therapeutic relationship quite so stringently, demands so much... Read more

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Outside the Box

Bringing Families into Trauma Treatment

If we don’t open up the one-on-one therapeutic cloister, trauma sufferers may never learn how to engage in the give and take of real-life relationships. By... Read more

When Victims Victimize Others

Some Clients Challenge our Capacity for Compassion

Most therapists find it relatively easy to feel empathy for the usual hyperaroused, vulnerable trauma client. But it can be a lot tougher to remain... Read more

Putting the Pieces Together

25 Years of Learning Trauma Treatment

Twenty-five years ago, we believed that helping trauma survivors dig into dark and unspeakable horrors would set them free. But in this new age of trauma... Read more

Symposium Highlight May 12, 2014

Engaging the Emotional Brain

Highlights from Symposium 2014

To get through to clients in our increasingly ADD culture, therapists must learn to evoke a deeper, more visceral engagement with them. At this year’s... Read more


The Case for Neurofeedback

Rewiring the brain in the consulting room

Rush to Judgment

Beware of the ADHD diagnosis

Brain Imaging and Psychotherapy

Why is it so controversial?

12 Missteps?

The evidence that AA works is many steps behind

Me and My Belly

A Lifelong Relationship