March/April 2020 Cover

Fast-Track Therapy

Challenging Old Assumptions

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Editor's Note

Rich Simon

Something’s afoot in the therapy world, and some clinicians will surely wrinkle their brows at... Read more

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A Need for Speed?

How Therapists Can Meet a Growing Demand

The push in popular culture to raise awareness about mental health means more and more people are seeking help. With resources limited, often where they’re... Read more

The Tyranny of Time

How Long Does Effective Therapy Really Take?

Consider what it takes to master any new and complex skill, say learning a language, playing a musical instrument, or becoming adept at carpentry. If someone... Read more

The Warm Handoff

Therapists’ Expanding Role in Healthcare

In a country where one in five primary care patients has a diagnosable behavioral health issue, setting up doctors and therapists to work hand in hand may be... Read more

Extra Features

Love & Grief

Finding Meaning in Loss

When a loved one dies, it’s easy to get stuck in your pain. But if you can find meaning in even the most senseless loss, you can do more than just get... Read more

The Path to Clinical Confidence

More Training Isn't Always the Answer

Research shows that confidence isn’t always tied to skills, ability, capacity, or even higher intelligence. So what does make us feel self-assured in our... Read more


Hanging It Up

When Should Therapists Retire?

Breaking the Silence

Facilitated Communication with Nonverbal Autism

Exposing the Hoax

The Inside Story of the Rosenhan Study

Irish Whiskey

The Comfort of a Powerful Lineage