Cover of Psychotherapy Networker March/April 2019

The Missing Piece

Embracing a More Embodied Psychotherapy

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Editor's Note

Rich Simon

For many years after, body therapy remained a semi-underground movement within the field. Now... Read more

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The Touch Taboo

Are We Missing a Vital Source of Healing?

Polyvagal Theory offers a new kind of somatic road map for guiding both therapists and clients toward safety and connection. It can also empower therapists to... Read more

From Margin to Mainstream

Peter Levine’s Bottom-Up Approach to Healing

Body psychotherapy, once shrouded in controversy, has gained growing acceptance in the wider field. So how do these popular bottom-up approaches actually work? Read more

An Interview with Peter Levine

Turning Psychotherapy Bottom Up

Peter Levine, developer of Somatic Experiencing, takes us inside his seemingly intuitive approach and reveals the guiding principles that inform his work. Read more

Character Work

What Therapists Can Learn from Actors

Therapists can flop in their “performance” with clients, coming off as inauthentic or over the top. One former actor discovers how to embody the kind of... Read more

Therapists spend much of the day sitting in a chair. But most don’t consider how the way they sit affects the therapy experience for both them and their... Read more

Kindling the Spark

The Healing Power of Expressive Arts

Aliveness is not an experience we think or talk ourselves into; it’s a state of being we feel in our bodies. An expressive arts therapist shows how... Read more

Extra Features

Welcome to Holland

When Life Takes a Detour

What do you do when your life’s expectations get turned upside down? Read more

Dying Well

Humanizing Our Overmedicalized System

Hospital protocols have replaced the time-honored customs that once enabled the dying to be lead actors in their life’s final drama. Why do we spend so much... Read more


ASMR Videos

A New Tool for Therapists?

Storm Damage

Angry Words Can Sink a Relationship

ACEs and a New Vision for Healthcare

Bringing Therapists and Physicians Together

Where the Trauma Never Ends

Inside Chicago’s Urban War Zones

The Shopping Trip

Showing Up Is Its Own Reward