March/April 2011

The Great Attachment Debate

How Important Is Early Experience?

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Editor's Note

Rich Simon

This issue is noteworthy not only for its subject—tracking the influence of attachment research... Read more

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The Attuned Therapist

Does Attachment Theory Really Matter?

In recent years, attachment theory, with its emphasis on early bonding, connection and relationship, has exerted as much influence over the field of... Read more

Bringing Up Baby

Are We Too Attached?

While therapists may consider some intuitively appealing ideas about human development---like attachment theory---beyond dispute, the researcher's job is to... Read more

The Verdict Is In

The Case for Attachment Theory

Fifty years of research has confirmed that the emotional quality of our earliest attachment relationships is central to our well-being as adults. Read more

Extra Feature

The Nightgown

In Search of the Answerman

A determined patient searches for therapeutic insight from an unlikely source. Read more

Hidden in Plain Sight

Adult AD/HD is Too Often Unrecognized
Gina Pera

Breaking Free

A Mind-Body Approach to Retraining the Brain

Gender and the Brain

Louann Brizendine's Work Stirs New Controversy

The Specter of the Big "C"

A Modern Look at an Age-Old Malady

You've Got Mail!

A Cyber Relationship Sparks New Discovery