July/August 2020 Cover

Reproductive Dreams

When Fertility Becomes a Challenge

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Editor's Note

Rich Simon

What is it like for the more than six million women in the U.S. who face reproductive challenges... Read more

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Detours on the Fertility Journey

Helping Clients Navigate Their Options

Over 48 million couples experience infertility every year, and over 20 percent of all pregnancies end in miscarriage. Although hope and love propel most people... Read more

Lost and Found

Scenes from a Miscarriage

The story of a miscarriage is often about crushed hope, but it can also bring unexpected possibility. Read more

We still don’t have a clear and reliable road map for navigating the unique grief that comes with losing a wanted pregnancy. Read more

Lori Gottlieb on Fertility Counseling

Finding Strength and Resilience
Psychotherapy Networker

The bestselling author of Maybe You Should Talk to Someone shares her experience using a sperm donor to have a child, and how she helps clients with... Read more

Extra Features

A Black Therapist in America

Speaking Out Against Learned Voicelessness

Black people know all too well that their daily experience of racism doesn’t matter unless it interferes with the lives of the white mainstream. As a result... Read more

Finding the Balance

How to Meet Stress with Tenderness during COVID-19

During the pandemic, our clients’ relationships need special attention and nurturing. Sometimes that means helping them recalibrate what they can hold for... Read more

Meeting the Moment

The Importance of Risk in Therapy

The therapist’s office is a zone of creative adventure and unpredictability, where the most powerful moments often come out of the blue. Read more


Nine Simple Interventions for Depression

During COVID-19 and All Challenging Times

Crossing Cultures

The Surprising Complexity of Countertransference

How Private Practice Can Survive COVID-19

Discovering New Possibilities in a Time of Upheaval

A Family in Chaos

A Study of Dysfunction and Resilience

Wave Till You Can’t See Me

Lessons in Fear and Safety