July/August 2018 Cover

When Depression Comes Back

Going Beyond the Limits of Therapy

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Editor's Note

Rich Simon

We may look back on June 2018 as a tide-turning moment in public awareness of severe depression for... Read more

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In the Shadow of Depression

How Can We Manage to Stay Well?

Most clinicians know that if a person has suffered one bout of serious depression, he or she is much more vulnerable to another one. But most therapists still... Read more

A Journey Through Fire

Surviving When Your Self Is in Ashes

At its worst, depression extinguishes your inner pilot light, depriving you of the substrate that makes you feel real. Sufferers complain of living in a fog... Read more

The New Psychiatry

The Rise of Natural Mental Health

Increasingly, psychiatrists are recognizing that offering medications as the primary treatment of depression for years and years is simply not working... Read more

Extra Feature

Translating Coaching Into Therapy

The Benefits and the Boundaries

Clinicians interested in applying coaching skills in psychotherapy believe that working more from a collaborative partnership position—like a personal... Read more