July/August 2017 Cover

Left to Our Own Devices

Is It Time for Therapists to Be Concerned?

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Editor's Note

Rich Simon

Even if the diagnosis of “internet addiction” is legitimate (and many experts think it isn't)... Read more

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Loving Our Devices

When Does Attraction Turn into Addiction?

More and more therapists, regardless of how they feel about internet addiction as a diagnosis, are advising clients about the healthy use of their digital... Read more

Hacking Happiness

How Social Media Can Enhance Well-Being

Both ancient wisdom traditions and modern psychological research can help us make more enlightened choices as we navigate our way through the digital age. Read more

The Age of FoMO

Our Brains on 24/7 Alert
Sharon Begley

Our compulsive use of digital devices is best understood as the result of their ability to tap into a deep anxiety in the human psyche about “missing out.” Read more

The Addict in All of Us

Gabor Maté's Unflinching Vision

Canadian physician Gabor Maté believes that addictive behaviors are woven into the very fabric of our materialistic society. Read more

Extra Feature

Doorways to the Embodied Self

Eugene Gendlin and the Felt Sense

Eugene Gendlin and his work on Focusing and the “felt sense” left an indelible mark on modern mind–body approaches to psychotherapy. Read more


Playing with Anxiety

Helping Young Children Face Scary Situations

Is All Fair in Love and Sex?

How Couples Can Embrace their Sexual Differences

Absolutely Fabulous!

Getting Beyond Stereotypes with Teenage Girls

Back to Bedlam?

America’s Neglect of Its Mentally Ill

Broken Heart Syndrome

Can It Run in the Family?
Gregory Samuels