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Is There Any Way to Turn It Off?

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Editor's Note

Rich Simon

Today, with all the presumed advances therapists have made in reducing mental suffering from... Read more

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Upside-Down Psychotherapy

Breaking the Rules with Our OCD Clients

It’s now clear that much of what therapists do for people suffering from OCD actually worsens the problem. Providing empathic reassurance, rational... Read more

Learning to Manage the OCD Bully

A Therapeutic Odyssey

An OCD sufferer describes the frustrating stops and starts and misdirections of her circuitous search for help in escaping the maze of her family of origin and... Read more

OCD and Children

It’s a Family Affair

OCD in children can operate like a kind of cult leader, demanding acceptance of an extreme view of a perilous reality and offering solutions that can’t be... Read more

Extra Feature

Life, Death, and a Good Cigar

Freud Chose to Face the End on His Own Terms

For most of us, death is a subject hovering in the shadows of our lives, willfully ignored until it’s suddenly standing rudely before us, the world’s worst... Read more


Moving Through Grief

How Kübler-Ross’s Model Can Help Clients Heal

Upgrading the Software

A One-Session Cure for An Obnoxious Habit

Introvert Power

Susan Cain Wants to Correct a Cultural Bias

Have SSRIs Gotten a Bad Rep?

The Author of "Listening to Prozac" Thinks So

Kendall’s Prom

A Special Daughter’s Special Night