July/August 2013

Searching for the Therapeutic "Aha"

Brain Science and Clinical Breakthroughs

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Editor's Note

Rich Simon

As a growing body of research shows, deep change doesn’t come when clients just talk about their... Read more

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Unlocking The Emotional Brain

Is Memory Reconsolidation the Key to Transformation?

New research into the complexities of memory reconsolidation offers important clues about how we can make the most elusive of consulting room events—the... Read more

Creating Adventure And Play In Therapy

How to Vitalize Your Therapeutic Style

The more we learn about the emotional brain, the clearer it becomes: to have real therapeutic impact, we need to create experiences that help clients learn to... Read more

Therapy Isn't Brain Science

Knowledge Doesn’t Replace Clinical Skill

Therapists were doing helpful work long before neuroscience made its official debut and the field developed a collective case of “brain fever.” In fact, at... Read more

Extra Feature

Challenging The Narcissist

How to Find Pathways to Empathy

Given their arrogance, condescension, and lack of empathy, narcissists are notoriously difficult clients. The key to working with them is being direct and... Read more

Yoga in the Therapy Room

Centering the uncentered client

Life After Betrayal

Getting Past the Victim Identity

Talking with God

Religion as a Therapeutic Experience

The Taste Bud Conspiracy

Are we the victims of the food industry?

What the Cactus Knew

The Reward of Not Getting What You Want