January/February 2022 Cover

Family Rifts

How You Can Lend a Hand

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Editor's Note

Livia Kent

How have we come to a place where fully a quarter of Americans aren’t merely disgruntled with... Read more

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Whatever Happened to Family Therapy?

Today's Renaissance in Systems Thinking

In their rush to change family systems—if not the world—family therapists didn’t anticipate that they too would be affected by structural forces. Read more

Love, Separation, and Power

Resolving a Mother–Daughter Conflict

The power that parents have to influence the wellbeing of their adult children is often underestimated. Read more

When Therapists Encourage Family Cutoffs

Are We Helping or Harming?

Today’s culture of therapy both reflects and contributes to our nation’s ever-growing embrace of individualism—for better and, sometimes, for worse. Read more

When Adult Siblings Struggle

Three Steps Toward Repair

The session was supposed to be a consultation between two middle-aged sisters—my client, Annie, and her sister, Carol—about sharing their multigenerational... Read more

Estrangement 101

Helping Parents Reengage Their Kids

Helping parents process their own childhood pain is a difficult but necessary part of helping them reconnect with an estranged child. Read more

Mediating Estrangement

How to Help Family Members Coexist

After journeying through the Family Dialogue process, estranged family members often end up adjusting the very notion of what togetherness means. Read more

Life Without Atticus

When Siblings Parent Each Other
Amanda Ann Gregory

Children need an adult who provides safety, attunement, empathy, acceptance, and boundaries. Can a sibling be the next best thing? Read more

Extra Feature

Unlearning Weight Stigma

The Latest Science on Weight and Trauma

It's time to untangle weight gain and binge eating from trauma. Read more


Is Meditation as Safe as We Think?

The Risks We Don’t Talk About

Bursting the Bubble of Individual Therapy

The Need to See Your Clients in a Relational Context

Burnout and the Body

Emily Nagoski on Naming the Real Enemy

Suicide as a State of Being

One Man's Ongoing Struggle

Four Simple Ingredients

Lessons on Baking with Matthew