January/February 2018 Cover

Not Your Grandfather's Therapy

Meeting the Needs of Today's Clients

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Editor's Note

Rich Simon

Three decades ago, doing therapy was a relatively uncomplicated affair. After graduate school, you... Read more

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Therapy and Transformation

What Are We Promising Our Clients?

Decades ago, trainees in our field were imbued with the notion that therapy was about transformation: big, dramatic changes in the direction of... Read more

Who's Steering the Boat?

Navigating Therapy with Today's Clients

Today’s clients are shifting out of their customary position of mannerly deference and asserting far more specifically what they want—and don’t... Read more

Tuning into Attunement

How to Harness Your Social Engagement System

We all know people who have the magic touch when it comes to relating to others. They can instantly connect with strangers and put people at ease without even... Read more

Extra Feature

Consensual Nonmonogamy

When Is It Right for Your Clients?

In past decades, the only alternatives to involuntary celibacy in a relationship were affairs or divorce. But more and more therapists are recognizing... Read more

Remembering Salvador Minuchin

A Networker Tribute

To be a young, intellectually curious therapist in the 1960s and ’70s was to fall under the spell of the new systems practitioners, who were redefining what... Read more


Keeping Couples Therapy Upbeat

How to Bring a Positive Spirit Into the Consulting Room

From Weight to Well-Being

The Challenges of Treating Binge Eating Disorder

When Less Is More

The Art of Minimalizing Our Stuff

Measuring Mercy

Uncovering the Link between Cruelty and Compassion

Kinship without Connection

Family Means More than Shared DNA