January/February 2016 Cover

Speaking of Sex

Why Is It Still So Difficult?

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Editor's Note

Rich Simon

I suspect that no matter how sophisticated we become about sex in the abstract, there’s some... Read more

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The Unspeakable Language of Sex

Why Are We Still so Tongue-Tied?

If you’re like most couples therapists, you know how to help partners communicate more clearly, handle conflict with less uproar, and connect more... Read more

The Mystery of Eroticism

Rethinking Conventional Wisdom

It’s long been the conventional wisdom among couples therapists that if couples fix the emotional issues in their relationship, their sexual lives will... Read more

If you’re going to help a couple get closer and really learn to work harmoniously with one another, whether in bed or anywhere else, the key is helping... Read more

Porn is polarizing. Porn is confusing. Porn can be alarming. For therapists, porn can push us out of our comfort zone and trigger negative countertransference... Read more

A sex-starved marriage isn’t about the number of times per week or per month people are actually having sex. It’s one in which one spouse is longing for... Read more

Transforming Sexual Narratives

From Dysfunction to Discovery

Therapists too often ignore the importance of the longstanding, often unconscious stories that partners carry with them into their sexual relationship. Helping... Read more

Inside Hookup Culture

Are We Having Fun Yet?

On college campuses across the country, hooking up has all but replaced traditional, old-school dating rituals. With its rawness and frantic incoherence... Read more

Extra Feature

Symposium Highlight January 6, 2016

In Search of the Big Story

Learning to Ask the Beautiful Question

This March, poet, storyteller, and philosopher David Whyte—this year’s Symposium keynoter—returns to Washington DC to share his wisdom. Whyte specializes... Read more


The Remarriage Triangle

Working with Later-Life Recouplers and their Grown Children

The Art of Presenting

Understanding What Your Audience Needs

Losing Our War on Stress

It’s time to reconsider our approach

Who’s the Grown-Up Here?

Helping parents abandon the “buddy” system

The Last Dance

Awakening a Mother’s Joyful Spirit