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Open Book May 22, 2022

De-escalating Disputes

How Therapists Can Stop Runaway Conflict

Exploring “high conflict” with a bigger picture in mind. Read more

The Heart of an Affair

A Conversation with Bill Doherty

Bill Doherty talks with Networker on how to help clients get clarity around the ethical dimensions of secret affairs and the dilemmas that often show up in... Read more

Getting at the Heart of Affairs

How to Help Clients Examine Ethical Dilemmas

A seasoned therapist discusses the ethics around consulting with couples impacted by infidelity. Read more

Symposium Highlight September 24, 2021

Therapy in the Age of Trump

Becoming "Connectors and Trust-Builders"

William Doherty offered an expanded vision of therapy and outlined concrete steps therapists can take as “connectors and trust-builders” to address the... Read more

The Fox and the Hedgehog

Flexibility and Focus in the Therapy Room

As a therapist, is it better to adapt an eclectic approach or specialize in the one you believe in most? Perhaps the answer isn’t as simple as it seems. Read more

Case Study October 28, 2019

Bowing Out

The Dilemma of Uncoupling

If a loving couple shares a relationship history with no major deal-breaker issues, is “uncoupling” the best path? Read more

Symposium Highlight September 25, 2019

VIDEO: Bill Doherty on Deepening Our Therapeutic Vision

The Importance of Cultivating a New Kind of Self

At the 2016 Psychotherapy Networker Symposium, Bill Doherty offered his take on how psychotherapy can reassert its cultural relevance by deepening its vision... Read more

VIDEO: Becoming a "Citizen Therapist"

Working Beyond the Consulting Room

How does your work as a therapist contribute to the wider world? It’s a question couples and family therapist Bill Doherty asks his colleagues... Read more

Symposium Highlight June 26, 2019

VIDEO: Is Therapy Really a Science?

...Or is It a Conversational Craft?

What do the masters of truly good therapy have in common? According to couples therapist Bill Doherty, they know how to balance their desire to guide therapy... Read more

Symposium Highlight May 21, 2019

VIDEO: What Therapy and Surgery Have in Common

Crafting the Right Language for the Right Outcome

What’s the best way to open and close therapy? It’s a question with many answers, but depending on your client, a particular... Read more

VIDEO: Bill Doherty on Becoming a "Citizen Therapist"

How to Have a Conversation About Politics in Therapy

In the following clip from his Symposium Keynote address, William Doherty offers an expanded vision of therapy and explains why clinicians are uniquely suited... Read more

Symposium Highlight November 17, 2018

VIDEO: Addressing Political Stress in the Consulting Room

Reevaluating What's Appropriate to Discuss in Therapy

It's no surprise that, with all the political infighting going on, many people are anxious about the direction of our country. But is there room to discuss... Read more

Therapy and Transformation

What Are We Promising Our Clients?

Decades ago, trainees in our field were imbued with the notion that therapy was about transformation: big, dramatic changes in the direction of... Read more

Is There Hope for a Divided America?

Tales from the Better Angels Bus Tour

There’s a troubling trend toward viewing people who differ from us politically not just as uninformed or misguided, but as ill-motivated and dangerous... Read more

Symposium Highlight October 25, 2017

VIDEO: Bill Doherty on the Rewards of Civic Commitment

Creating Space for a Conversation About Civic Commitments

Sometimes our clients have commitments to groups or causes that enrich their lives and social connections. But very often, says couples therapist Bill... Read more

Symposium Highlight July 12, 2017

VIDEO: Bill Doherty on the New Challenges of Social Engagement

Being an Effective, Ethical Therapist in an Age of Political Upheaval

What does it mean to be a dutiful citizen and an effective therapist in the modern day? This is the central question Bill Doherty posed in his keynote address... Read more

Psychotherapy's Pilgrimage

Shaping the Consciousness of Our Time

Despite what grad school textbooks may imply, therapy movements are more than a set of theories and techniques. They’re about what it means to be a human... Read more

VIDEO: When One Partner Wants Out

Discernment Counseling for the Mixed-Agenda Couple

In at least 30 percent of couples who come to therapy, partners enter the consulting room with different agendas---one wants a divorce, the other wants to save... Read more

Case Study January 11, 2016

The Remarriage Triangle

Working with Later-Life Recouplers and their Grown Children

Therapists need to be prepared to go against the conventional clinical wisdom in helping later-life recouplers and stepfamilies handle the unique challenges... Read more

Are you a therapist that's "marriage friendly?" It's the inclination towards helping clients in good relationships stay together. Read more

To stay relevant in a changing world, we need to address the engagement styles of today’s prospective clients. Read more

VIDEO: What to Do When Therapy Stalls

Bill Doherty on Handling the Issue of Progress Before it's a Crisis

Bill talks about a proactive approach that can lead to positive developments when therapy starts to stall. Read more

Case Study July 1, 2013

Life After Betrayal

Getting Past the Victim Identity

When working with clients who’ve experienced an intimate betrayal, it’s important to empower them to move beyond a victim identity. Read more

When Therapy Is Going Nowhere

Escaping the “Groundhog Day” Cycle

Why do we get stuck in “Groundhog Day therapy”—cases in which we spin our wheels from session to session? Before lurching on to alternative treatment... Read more

One Brick at a Time

Therapy is More Craft Than Art or Science

In this era of medical necessity and evidence-based therapies, it’s easy to lose sight of a basic truth. We heal not through prescriptions and procedures... Read more

In Or Out?

Treating the Mixed-Agenda Couple

At least 30 percent of couples coming to therapy have fundamentally different agendas about whether to try to save the marriage. If we’re ever going to... Read more

Couples on the Brink

Stopping the Marriage-Go-Round

Let’s face it: psychotherapy isn’t dramatic, and most therapists don’t rate high on a “need for thrills” scale. Someone... Read more

Beyond the Consulting Room

Therapists as catalysts of social change

Too much is at stake these days for us to take refuge in our practices after the election. In such challenging times, therapists need to create for themselves... Read more

Fixing Health Care

What Role Will Therapists Play?

The crisis in healthcare delivery presents therapists with a unique opportunity to help revamp the system and expand their practices. Read more

Finding the Right Lever

A primer for Changing the World

A veteran therapist offers lessons on how any therapist can get started in trying to make a difference in the wider world. Read more

Bad Couples Therapy

Betting Past the Myth of Therapist Neutrality

A dirty little secret in the therapy field is that couples therapy may be the hardest form of therapy, and most therapists aren't good at it. Of course, this... Read more

Divided Loyalty

The Challenge of Stepfamily Life

Stepfamilies enact unique morality plays with plots involving, betrayal, heroic commitment and Solomon-like discernment. They Illuminate like no other family... Read more

The Good Therapist

Continually Reassessing Its Role, Psychotherapy Gallops into a New Era

The culture of therapy in America has gone through periods of dramatic change every 15 or 20 years with almost clock-like regularity, as succeeding generations... Read more

William Doherty

William Doherty, PhD, is professor of family social science and director of the Minnesota Couples on the Brink Project at the University of Minnesota. He’s the author of the forthcoming book, The Ethical Lives of Clients: Transcending Self-Interest in Psychotherapy