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Here are some "hacks" to help your clients be more mindful in their relationships—using the Gottman Method. Read more

The Five-Minute Meditation

Finding Compassion and Kindness During Tough Times

I’ve been finding a particular short meditation practice helpful in supporting my clients during this period of sadness, loss, and exhaustion. It’s more... Read more

A Simple Practice for Finding Light in the Dark

Helping Kids Remain Calm When the World Seems Scary

Given the wildfires, Covid variants, hurricanes, droughts, earthquakes and periods of social unrest that abound these days, the world can feel like a scary... Read more

The Unlived Lives of Parents

A Mindful Exercise for Healing Old Wounds

Lionel and Kyra’s son, Tyrone, had significant developmental delays from his premature birth. Now seven years old, he’s playing Little League, but he... Read more

Compassion During Quarantine

A Simple Practice for Our Clients and Ourselves

I particularly like the suggestion to use the time we spend washing our hands during this pandemic to build up mindful compassion in ourselves. So, rather than... Read more

Self-Compassion for Painful Emotions

An Eight-Step Practice for Parents

“I’m so distressed,” Stephanie said, immediately reaching for the box of tissues in our first session. “I’ve never felt this much sadness in my... Read more

consultation March 1, 2015

Seven Myths about Meditation

A one-size approach doesn’t fit all

Seven myths about meditation for clinicians to ponder. Read more

Susan Pollak

Susan M. Pollak, MTS, EdD, is a psychologist in private practice in Cambridge, Massachusetts. She is a longtime student of meditation and yoga who has been integrating the practices of meditation into psychotherapy since the 1980s. Dr. Pollak is cofounder and senior teacher at the Center for Mindfulness and Compassion at Harvard Medical School/ Cambridge Health Alliance and was president of the Institute for Meditation and Psychotherapy from 2010 to 2020. Dr. Pollak is a co-editor of The Cultural Transition; and a contributing author of Mapping the Moral Domain; Evocative Objects; and Mindfulness and Psychotherapy, 2nd Edition. She is the co-author of Sitting Together: Essential Skills for Mindfulness-Based Psychotherapy and the author of Self-Compassion for Parents: Nurture Your Child by Caring for Yourself. She writes the popular blog, The Art of Now for Psychology Today, and is a frequent contributor to the Ten Percent Happier App. Her website is,