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Our Aging Families

Encouraging New Conversations between Parents and Adult Children

A fundamental change has been percolating in how adult children and their aging parents interact. Read more

Ron Taffel talks with Angela Diaz, Director of the Mount Sinai Adolescent Center, on how we can tailor our interventions to meet the unique needs of our young... Read more

The Playful Therapist

7 Clinicians Share Their Best Strategies

In this collection, master therapists share how they’ve used humor in ways that both enliven and enrich the work of therapy. Read more

Reflections on Rich

Friends Celebrate His Life and Legacy

Sharing how Rich Simon impacted our lives—and the field as a whole. Read more

Case Study March 5, 2020

Breaking the Silence

Facilitated Communication with Nonverbal Autism

A controversial method makes talk therapy possible for people who don’t talk. Read more

Case Study July 3, 2019

The Biotech Dragon

A Kid-Friendly Approach to Self-Regulation

Engaging kids in talk therapy is often a frustrating struggle. So what happens when you introduce a video game and some cool bioresponsive tech? Read more

The Millennial Effect

How Young Clients Are Leading Therapists to New Places

As they’re about to surpass baby boomers as the largest generation, millennials are coming to dominate the population of therapy consumers. But their impact... Read more

VIDEO: Why We Need to Talk with Psychiatrists

How Being “On Call” Keeps Kids from Falling through the Cracks

According to therapist Ron Taffel, author of Breaking Through to Teens, kids who need the extra boost from medication need their therapists to go the extra... Read more

Therapists Talk Gun Violence

Brainstorming Ways to Make a Difference

As an estimated half-a-million protestors poured into downtown Washington, DC for the March for Our Lives, therapists who were in town for their field’s... Read more

Family Therapy as We Know It Needs to Change

To Reach Troubled Adolescents, Look to the "Second Family"

Editor’s Note: This article this blog is taken from originally appeared in the March/April 1996 issue of Psychotherapy Networker. When his family was... Read more

VIDEO: How to Broach the Subject of Medication with Kids

When Is It Necessary? An Expert Explains.

Given the stigma still attached to psychiatric drugs, it’s no surprise that today’s kids might have reservations about taking them. But as a specialist in... Read more

Turns in the Road

Highlights from the Networker Journey

Out of all the hundreds and hundreds of articles that have appeared in the Networker over the past four decades, we’ve chosen a small sampling that captures... Read more

The Rise of the Two-Dimensional Parent

Are Therapists Seeing a New Kind of Attachment?

As we move slowly beyond the great recession, today’s young people are the first American generation in a long while expected to be less well off than their... Read more

The Rise of the Two-Dimensional Parent

Are Therapists Seeing a New Kind of Attachment?

We used to think that disordered attachment was the result of early parental neglect or abuse. But today, has a paradoxical mix of parental overinvolvement and... Read more

What to Do When Traditional Parenting Rules Don’t Apply

Traditional Parenting Rules Often Don’t Apply Anymore, So Parents are Seeking Out New Solutions

On top of losing faith in a secure future, mothers and fathers deal with everyday dilemmas that make a joke of traditional parenting rules and childrearing... Read more

Bullying in Schools

What to Do When Officials Can’t Help

As parents become frustrated with officials who can’t help with bullying in schools, they turn to another source. Read more

Empowering Today's Parental Authority Figures

Ron Taffel on What Families Can't Function Without

Ron Taffel discusses how Generation X and Millennials handle authority and raising kids differently than their parents. Read more

How Conversation Sparks Therapeutic Change

The Search for the Unspoken Self

When we trust in ourselves to follow the signals of life that the patient emits in seemingly casual conversation, we increase chances of stepping outside the... Read more

Virtically Challenged

Treating the nonhierarchical family

[...] with so many contending schedules and dietary demands, is there such a thing as a family mealtime anymore? Compared to the still-life portrait of family... Read more

The Decline And Fall Of Parental Authority

and What Therapists Can Do About It

American parents today face a perfect storm of cultural and social circumstances that undermine the very foundations of parental authority. In response... Read more

Vertically Challenged

Treating the Nonhierarchical Family

Parenting and childhood today often seem to have more in common with abstract expressionism than with Norman Rockwell. But is this transformation of the nature... Read more

The Divided Self

Inside the World of 21st Century Teens

For decades before and after World War II, children all over the United States hung out, had slumber parties, made crank phone calls, and played sports... Read more

Nunna Yer Beeswax

No-talk Therapy with Adolescents

What to do when the standard techniques of joining provoke furious silence Read more

The Second Family

A Teen's Peer Group Is a Rich Resource for Family Therapists

When family therapist Ron Taffel wrote this article in 1996, an explosive upsurge of youth pop culture called into question the very idea that parents must... Read more

Today, more than ever, parents need to get in synch. Read more

Ron Taffel

Ron Taffel, PhD, is Chair, Institute for Contemporary Psychotherapy in NYC, the author of eight books and over 100 articles on therapy and family life.