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Networker sits down with Rick Hanson to discuss how to better apply the principles of neuroscience. Read more

Symposium Highlight September 30, 2020

Living with Life's Uncertainties

Wisdom from Rick Hanson's Networker Symposium Keynote

Rick Hanson describes how becoming more mindful of our body and thoughts, and the link between the two, can make us happier and less afraid of life's... Read more

Symposium Highlight March 18, 2020

VIDEO: Rick Hanson on the Healing Power of Refuge

Focusing on the People, Places, and Activities that Give Us Sanctuary

A Networker Symposium highlight, therapist and author Rick Hanson invoked the spirit of Mr. Rogers to help attendees better acknowledge their connection with... Read more

Symposium Highlight May 29, 2019

VIDEO: Building Inner Strength with Brain Science

Cultivating Positivity and Virtue in Yourself and Your Clients

As a practicing therapist today, it’s easy to succumb to the allure of brain science, says neuropsychologist and author Rick Hanson. Mirror... Read more

What do we know as therapists that can guide us in moving forward in both our personal lives as well as our work with clients? Read more

VIDEO: Changing the Brain to Take In the Good

Rick Hanson on 5 Simple Steps to Use Right Away

In this brief clip, Rick walks us through surprisingly simple steps that can shift our memory systems to internalize positive experiences and states with equal... Read more

VIDEO: How to Install New Mental States

What Therapists Should Know about Brain Change

Until recently, the impact of brain science on the everyday work of most therapists has been pretty limited. According to Rick Hanson, that’s because we’ve... Read more

VIDEO: Creating Antidote Experiences in Therapy

How to Turn Positive Mental States into Enduring Traits

In this video clip, Rick talks about how to activate positive mental states and help clients embody them so that they become permanent resources. Read more

The Next Big Step

What’s Ahead in Psychotherapy’s Fascination with Brain Science?

Labeling behavior in fancy neurophysiological terms can make what we do sound more scientifically rigorous than the notoriously fuzzy language of... Read more

Why We Focus on the Negative

Rick Hanson Explains the Evolution of the Negativity Bias

Much can be made of the power of positive thinking, but the real question is, why do we tend toward the negative in the first place? Read more

How the Brain’s Negativity Bias Impedes Change

Rick Hanson On Understanding Why We Focus On The Negative

Psychotherapy Networker Founder Rich Simon talks to Rick Hanson about negativity bias and how it can be one of the biggest challenges to helping clients... Read more

VIDEO: Our Bottom Line Responsibility as Therapists

Rick Hanson on Working with the Brain for Lasting Change

People seek us out because they want change. Some want to be less anxious or less depressed, some want to be better able to control themselves in interactions... Read more

consultation March 1, 2007

The Motherhood Marathon

Acknowledging the challenge of modern childrearing

Too many therapists underestimate the psychological trials of motherhood. Read more

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Rick Hanson, PhD, is a psychologist, a Senior Fellow of the Greater Good Science Center at UC Berkley, and a New York Times best-selling author. His books are available in 26 languages and include Hardwiring Happiness (Harmony, 2016), Buddha’s Brain (New Harbinger, 2009), Just One Thing Card Deck (PESI, 2018), and Mother Nurture (Penguin, 2002).  He edits the Wise Brain Bulletin and has numerous audio programs.