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Taking the Podium

The Growing Influence of Women in Psychotherapy

Despite an increasing diversity in race and ethnicity, the psychotherapy field is primarily filled with women—a reversal that's taken place over the last 50... Read more

consultation July 13, 2022

Managing Your Waitlist

How to Tackle the Ethical Dilemmas

How to tackle the ethical dilemmas Read more

Loving Ourselves Into Safety

Resilience and Strength in Perilous Times

A cancer diagnosis, while devastating, can be a powerful teacher. Through the fear and anxiety, we can discover how to reliably calm ourselves and ask for... Read more

The Path to Clinical Confidence

More Training Isn't Always the Answer

Research shows that confidence isn’t always tied to skills, ability, capacity, or even higher intelligence. So what does make us feel self-assured in our... Read more

VIDEO: What Keeps Clients Coming Back?

The Power of Transparency

In today’s Information Age, therapy clients are more informed—and have greater expectations up front—when it comes to the look and feel of therapy... Read more

Translating Coaching Into Therapy

The Benefits and the Boundaries

Clinicians interested in applying coaching skills in psychotherapy believe that working more from a collaborative partnership position—like a personal... Read more

VIDEO: The Rewards of More Direct Contact with Potential Clients

Lynn Grodzki On An Opportunity Presented From Tough Times

In this quick clip, Lynn Grodski invites us to think entrepreneurially about how to make the most of just one of the new opportunities she sees in today’s... Read more

VIDEO: Talk Like a Therapist—Even from the Podium

Lynn Grodzki on Attracting New Clients by Being Ourselves

Lynn Grodzki shares about speaking with audiences about your therapy practice and how to leave your audience wanting more. Read more

Shopping For Therapy

Yesterday’s Patients Are Today’s Educated Consumers

The expectation of a full caseload of clients who don’t question the length or expense of treatment belongs to a former age. Like it or not, therapists who... Read more

The Coaching Edge

Helping Our Clients Take Their Best Shot

A new style of working has emerged that integrates the in-depth understanding of traditional therapy with the experience of being instructed, pushed, and... Read more

Recession-Proofing Mantras

How to Stay Calm When Your Practice Seems to Be Under Siege

Some highly practical mantras that can help even the more business-phobic practitioner keep afloat in these tough economic times. Read more

Recession-Proof Your Practice

Review, recommit, rebrand, reinvest

How do you protect your private practice from declining, or even sinking, in a tough economic market? Some tips about being smart, staying calm, and keeping... Read more

Family Matters January 1, 2008

Run with It!

Redefining the Comfort Zone

A woman recovering from cancer develops a new sense of her body and her comfort zone. Read more

Harnessing the Winds of Change

It's the perfect time to reinvent your private practice

Although business as usual may no longer be an option for therapists, the adjustments required to stay afloat could prove to be incredibly generative, not just... Read more

Triage for Your Practice

When the Going Gets Tough, the Tough Prioritize

Many therapists in once-thriving practices are reporting that these days, it's a battle to stay solvent. Read more

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Lynn Grodzki, LCSW, MCC, is a psychotherapist in private practice, a master certified coach, and the author of Therapy with a Coaching Edge: Partnership, Action and Possibility in Every Session and Building Your Ideal Private Practice.