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Three Myths About Old Age

...And What We Can Learn from Our Older Peers About Aging Successfully

By examining how older members of our society actually live and looking at what we can learn from people who age successfully, one study shifts the focus away... Read more

The Marriage Preservation Debate

Reexamining the Research on Divorce

During the past decade or so, a movement of “marriage savers” comprised of therapists, marriage-education programs, and religious and secular... Read more

Mindfulness Goes Mainstream

Research Is Proving the Value of Awareness Practices

Research is proving the value of awareness practices  It’s hard to believe that just 20 years ago meditation was still widely considered something... Read more

Reassessing SSRIs

Separating Hype from Fact About Antidepressants

For the last decade, there’s been a spectacularly successful advertising campaign to convince the public that the selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors... Read more

Big Squeeze

No research? No reimbursement

A tipping point has been reached in the impact that psychotherapy research results, no matter of interest only among a small circle of academic, are going to... Read more

A Look at the Evidence

Top 10 Research Findings of the Last 25 Years

Whatever the skeptics say, our research editor argues that the last quarter-century has produced an astonishing amount of meaningful research. Here's the list... Read more

Scoreboard for Couples Therapy

Which Are the Winners in the Latest Research?

Research can tell us a great deal about what works and what doesn't both in couples' relationships and couples therapy. Read more

The Marriage-Preservation Debate

Reexamining the research on divorce

Lebow reexamines the research on divorce and its aftereffects in response to the growing perception in some circles of a "divorce culture" run amok. There are... Read more

The Verdict Is Clear

ESTs have an incontestable track record with anxiety

Therapists know that the value of empirically supported therapies is a hotly debated subject these days. Critics repeatedly point out that, outside of therapy... Read more

Addictions Treatment: Myth vs Reality

Effective Interventions Often Don't Match Stereotypes

Two recent landmark overviews of research separate myth from reality in the treatment of substance abuse. Read more

Jay Lebow

Jay Lebow, PhD, is a former contributing editor to the Psychotherapy Networker and clinical professor at Northwestern University. He’s also senior therapist and research consultant at the Family Institute at Northwestern University.