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therapy-beat March 7, 2014

Therapists’ Perspectives on the Woody Allen Allegations Read more

therapy-beat November 5, 2013

Psychotherapy vs. Placebos

Frontline Psychotherapy

Garry Cooper and Kathleen Smith Read more

therapy-beat July 8, 2013

The American Psychiatric Association’s Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM), the “bible” of mental health, originally was intended... Read more

A Brief History of Psychotherapy

A Mosaic of the Psychotherapy Networker, 1982-2012

Over the years, our front-of-the-book department has not only given readers plenty of tasty factoids to chew on, but also revealed how the seasons of the... Read more

therapy-beat November 1, 2011

- Chilean miners' long-term trauma - Training good therapists - The question of bullying Read more

Symposium Highlight May 1, 2010

The Tribe Gathers

Symposium 2010 Starts a New Kind of Conversation

It may seem strange to think of 3,000 people getting together in the lap of hotel luxury as a "primitive tribal gathering," but the Networker Symposium... Read more

therapy-beat May 1, 2010

Listening to your inner therapist * Can we admit that therapy is sometimes harmful? * Botox's interference with emotions * The fearlessness--criminality link ... Read more

therapy-beat March 1, 2010

He’s back in Iraq, on foot patrol, nervously walking down a street that suggests Basra, when it happens again—an explosion right across the street. The... Read more

therapy-beat September 24, 2009

Therapist Jane Cibel really makes her clients sweat. After a brief check-in, during which they report how their lives and therapy homework have gone in the... Read more

therapy-beat October 18, 2008

Stanley Milgram’s classic experiments in the 1960s demonstrated that ordinary people would—with encouragement from authority figures—give escalating... Read more

Family Matters July 1, 2008

Turning Over the Reins

A father learns when to sit silent

As they grow old, there's just no protecting our children from the bad news in life. Read more

therapy-beat January 1, 2008

Controversy at APA * Motivating the Depressed Client * Educational Videos for Babies Flunk * Different Alcoholics, Different Treatments * Does Therapy Breed... Read more

therapy-beat September 1, 2007

* Is Therapy Harmful? * The Unintended Consequences of Black-Labeling Antidepressants * A Depression Vaccine * Unexpected Resilience Among Adolescents ... Read more

Stepping into the Moment - Really!

The 2007 Symposium theme comes alive

Keynote presenters and attendees all step into the present at the 2007 Networker Symposium. Read more

therapy-beat September 1, 2004

They set up on either side of the patient's bed and reassure the unconscious patient and his relatives that they don't have to do anything. [Margaret Pasquesi... Read more

A River Runs Through It

When a community tries its best and fails, then what?

From the July/August 1997 issue People in North Dakota insist that the land is so flat, they can spot an anthill a half mile away. Local lore says that... Read more

therapy-beat May 1, 1997

New Science for Psychotherapy

Can we predict how therapy will progress?

Psychologists Robert-Jay Green and Paul D. Werner of the California School of Professional Psychology insist that family therapists who don't rethink their... Read more

From the September/October 1994 IN THE PHOTOGRAPH OF MY maternal grandfather, Louie, that I remember most clearly, he is around 50, his bald head and... Read more

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