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The Great Appreciator

Just One of the Many Rich Simons

Sometimes the act of describing something vague or giving it a name dispels the vagueness and makes it come alive. “Naming something” was probably Rich’s... Read more

The End.

How Did I Get Here So Fast?

A classic sci-fi movie that seems to leapfrog through eternity helps a man contemplate the mystery of his own aging. Read more

Turns in the Road

Highlights from the Networker Journey

Out of all the hundreds and hundreds of articles that have appeared in the Networker over the past four decades, we’ve chosen a small sampling that captures... Read more

Caught in a Web

A World Where Life Is Always Elsewhere

Every day, every moment, we must wade through the flood of incoming alerts and emails urgently demanding our time and attention, all the while knowing that... Read more

Black Unlike Me

Some Uncomfortable Reflections on Growing Up White

At a time when many are calling for a renewed national conversation about race, an aging, liberal, white New Yorker—who admits he’s never been a party to... Read more

Creatures of Habit

Do We Really Choose How We Live Our Lives?

When routines and habits become as lifeless as the manner in which one brushes one’s teeth, when the choreography of one’s existence resembles a... Read more

Family Matters November 1, 2012

Nothing Like Willy Loman?

A Classic Play Still Casts a Haunting Spell

More than 60 years after its Broadway debut, a classic play continues to cast a haunting spell. Read more


Each of Us Owes the Universe a Death

In a very dark corner of each of our minds is a voice that says, “I’m going to die. One day, I’m going to die.” How we react to this voice determines... Read more

Chew Wisely

The Joy of Playing With Your Food

Remember as a kid being scrupulously taught that eating was a serious business that brooked no nonsense? A lifetime later, this author discovered that---as... Read more

Movie Magic

The Search for Transcendence in a Celluloid World

On the handful of channels that constituted the still-primitive medium that was television in the 1950s and early ’60s—before talk shows metastasized... Read more

Is there any place more filled with despair and dread than an emergency room in the middle of the night? Read more

Easy Money

Maybe Our Parents Had it Right All Along

We're living through a breathtaking realignment of our consciousness about money, no longer lulled by the ever-sweeter melodies played by the Pied Piper of our... Read more

Has your memory become erratic, unreliable, fuzzy at the edges, or nowhere to be found, like those barely remembered dreams that wriggle out of your grasp in... Read more

The Facts of Life

Learning to Connect the Dots

This piece started out as a reportorial piece on sex therapy, but nontherapist Fred Wistow soon blew past that assignment to investigate the ways in which our... Read more

Fred Wistow

Fred Wistow is a former contributing editor to the Psychotherapy Networker and lives in New York City.