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Is Prolonged Grief a Disorder?

Exploring the New DSM Diagnosis

According to grief experts, does a new diagnosis in the DSM pathologize a critical component of the human experience? Read more

VIDEO: Prolonged Grief Disorder

Does This New Diagnosis Help or Hurt?

What does the diagnosis of prolonged grief disorder mean to clinicians and grieving individuals? Read more

"Networker Live" with Frank Anderson

Parenting During a Pandemic

The Networker's senior writer, Lauren Dockett, sat down for a live conversation and Q&A with psychiatrist, therapist, and program consultant at the IFS... Read more

Symposium Highlight October 16, 2019

VIDEO: Learning to Draw the Line

A Special Story about Working with Difficult Clients

Although it’s not usually acknowledged, change in the consulting room goes both ways. Even as they help clients wrestle with their issues, it’s the rare... Read more

Symposium Highlight May 6, 2019

Learning to Draw the Line

From Symposium Storytelling Evening 2019

"In one session, she said that her life outside of therapy was going great, and seeing me was her main problem." Read more

Psychotherapists are usually on the front lines of mental health treatment, trained to spot and assess everything from changes in mood to unusual physical... Read more

Case Study March 13, 2017

Navigating the Bipolar Spectrum

Diagnosing Mood Disorders Requires Great Care

Diagnosing and treating mood disorders can be tricky, especially when it comes to an often overlooked, subtle form of bipolar II. Read more

consultation November 3, 2016

Responding to Extreme Trauma Symptoms

How Neuroscience Can Help

How an understanding of the brain can inform our trauma interventions. Read more

Beyond Chemistry

Exploring Our Relationship with Our Meds

The chemical effect of psychoactive meds is only part of their impact. In fact, people often develop complex relationships with the pills they take. Read more

Frank Anderson

Frank Anderson, MD, a psychiatrist and psychotherapist in Concord, MA, specializes in the treatment of trauma and dissociation. A lead trainer at the IFS Institute, he’s affiliated with Bessel van der Kolk’s Trauma Center and advises the International Association of Trauma Professionals. His most recent book is Transcending Trauma: Healing Complex PTSD with Internal Family Systems.