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Relational EMDR Therapy

Showing Up for Our Clients

Being an expert in your method is only part of the work. Sometimes our clients need us to go beyond administering a protocol. Read more

Case Study September 15, 2021

Doing Our Own Work Differently

An EMDR Portal to Our Clients’ Healing

How stepping outside our comfort zone when doing our own work can change therapy for our clients. Read more

Trauma and Teletherapy

Discerning Our Clients’ Needs

For some clients, the transition to online therapy has worked perfectly well—or well enough. But for clients who suffer from severe trauma and deep... Read more


What Therapists Need to Know to Treat Trauma Effectively

While EMDR is best known for the treatment of PTSD, it’s evolved into a comprehensive, attachment-based approach that addresses a broad range of clinical... Read more

Deany Laliotis

Deany Laliotis, LICSW, is a trainer, clinical consultant, and practitioner of EMDR.  She’s the director of training for EMDR Institute, Inc., and is the codirector of EMDR of Greater Washington.