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The Magic Dial

Reframing Cognitive Distortions

Beyond identifying the distortions in negative cognitions, how can we help clients understand that negative thoughts and feelings aren’t the result of... Read more

VIDEO: David Burns on Overcoming Resistance

Exploring Why Clients Might Not Want to Change

Do you have a client who you can't seem to help, no matter what techniques you try? In this brief video, master clinician David Burns—one of the developers... Read more

When Helping Doesn't Help

Why Some Clients May Not Want to Change

Rather than just commiserating with clients’ misery, most therapists want to engage in more active forms of helping. So we try to persuade clients... Read more

VIDEO: Treating Anxiety

David Burns on the Paradox of Resistance

David Burns explains how he addresses outcome and process resistance in a way that quickly leads to meaningful and lasting change with clients. Read more

VIDEO: Beating Relapse to the Punch

How to Preempt Anxiety Relapse

Before David Burns wraps up therapy with recovered clients, he makes sure they’re well prepared for relapse. In this brief video clip, he breaks down the... Read more

VIDEO: The Key to Dramatically Accelerating Anxiety Treatment

Being Anxious Doesn’t Mean You’re Anxious to Change

Most therapists assume that, just as any rational person with a broken arm would be an eager customer for medical care, surely a person suffering from severe... Read more

Does Your Depressed Client Even Want to Change?

David Burns on Using Paradoxical Agenda Setting

David Burns talks about how to set an agenda for therapy. Read more

VIDEO: Desiring Change, but Clinging to the Familiar

David Burns on Turning Resistance into the Voice of Change

David Burns discusses the key to reaching resistant clients—and it's not a new technique. Read more

Living With The Devil We Know

We May be Anxious, but Not to Change

As therapists, we typically assume that a person suffering from severe anxiety is eager and motivated to receive the help we offer. But we should never naively... Read more

David Burns

David D. Burns, MD, is an emeritus adjunct clinical professor of psychiatry and behavioral sciences at the Stanford University School of Medicine. His best-selling books, Feeling Good and the Feeling Good Handbook, have sold over five million copies worldwide. Although he was a pioneer in the development of cognitive behavior therapy (CBT), he also created a more powerful approach called TEAM-CBT.

More than 50,000 therapists have attended his training programs over the past 35 years. His website,, offers many free resources for therapists and clients alike, including his tremendously popular Feeling Good Podcasts which draw more than 50,000 downloads per month.