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The Pager Incident

From Therapeutic Stagnation to Growth

A decades-long therapeutic relationship shares some of the same elements as a marriage of similar length: the commitment to stay, the ups and downs, the... Read more

The Surprising Intimacy of Phone Sessions

Turning off the Camera, Turning on the Connection

Some clients and therapists strongly prefer the old-fashioned phone to video sessions. What’s so transformative about turning off the camera? Read more

Managing Confidentiality

Three Things I Learned from My Small-Town Practice

When you practice in a rural town, sometimes it can feel like everyone is connected to each other. Instead of worrying about boundary and confidentiality... Read more

Meeting the Moment

The Importance of Risk in Therapy

The therapist’s office is a zone of creative adventure and unpredictability, where the most powerful moments often come out of the blue. Read more

The Surprising Intimacy of Phone Sessions

Video Chat Isn’t Necessarily Better

In an unexpected twist, one therapist is finding phone sessions more effective than video sessions. Here's why. Read more

consultation July 3, 2019

Therapists in a Fishbowl

The Challenges of Small-Town Practice

Some down-to-earth advice on practicing in a small town, where there’s no way to escape being seen and talked about. Read more

consultation September 5, 2018

End-of-Session Bombshells

Handling Doorknob Moments

How to handle end-of-session bombshells therapeutically—and still wrap up on time. Read more

Daniela Gitlin

Daniela Gitlin, MD, is rural psychiatrist in private practice in upstate New York. Her clinical memoir Practice, Practice, Practice: This Psychiatrist’s Life was selected a Finalist by the 2021 International Book Awards. Her second book, Doorknob Moments: Why Clients Drop Shockers on Their Way Out the Door and Why You Want Them To will be published by WW Norton in 2024. Learn more at